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Return of the Wasted
It's the curse of the wasted
A disease that holds nothing sacred
One that torments as it destroys
If love conquers all, it is the all that it employs
To capture a mind and estrange a soul
To leave in our hearts this gaping hole
So subtle, so slow and yet so out of control
Now remember the face of that little boy
For a mother's love must not be coy
To have him back, you waited
as only the disease you hated
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 3
Is it so wrong or so unjust?
that the man you loathe
to my heart I trust
you spit your venom into empty air
as a panicked soldier lacking aim
dwindling the numbers who even care
your voice as rancid as aging urine
corroding, sticking as it stains
sealing your heart's handmade coffin
the lovely face you once had
now in its anger-mangled form
makes even your enemies sad
I wonder now, as your hour turns late
as the rest of the world goes on
why you choose this fate
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 3
Mulefa by SihayaAllyn Mulefa :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 1 2
Abdul, my dear, you have no class
Cruel remarks, re my lumpy ass
Why must you my heart punish
When you babble on about pet fish
As I try to say, try to confess
I wish I was more than your mistress
But you'll never allow, never concede
That any real love could come from me
Love takes time, or so you say
Even as I insist, it's now, today
But how it fades, as you make me fight
With you, over where to spend the night
So I give up
Now goodbye, my love, go after your wife
No worries, friend, I'll go on with my life
But I'll hold you here, as I held you then
In my heart always, til the very end
My dearest friend
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 0
The Ethicist
The Devil and God discussed the lot
In boredom devised a devious plot
A woman God saw, like none other
the spirit of both, wove together
"so honest and true and convicted is she
no better Job will there ever be"
And so the devil sought her as prey
to bring her world into disarray
but so bold and brutal and blunt was she
his heart beat with a man times three
And God spoke to say,
"foolish you are, to fall for my ethicist"
The devil smiled to say,
"the joke is on you, she's an atheist"
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 3
Mature content
Jesus, according to John :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 5
Gentle Woman
Gentle woman, where is your beast?
I mean to say the one you ride
Or perhaps the one you have inside.
Now in lace and cotton
You smile and keep your head low
But I have not forgotten
what majesty in strength you can show
And where are your teeth?
The ones I saw last night
The ones that won your fight
And where are your wings?
I know I saw those frightful things
Just one half of a day ago
Under a moon's eerie glow
But now you're poise and gentle here
You call me "sweetie," "darling" and "dear"
Oh how it puzzles me to see
You huddle close at the sight of a bee
Why so much fear you feign
When a dragon's blood runs in your veins?
Your tail is swift and your mind more so
To what mysterious place did this all go?
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 4
Little Beast
Little beast, you are hard on the eyes
As you whisper in my ear, hurtful lies
How dare you tell me I have no worth!
Oh what vile creature to you gave birth?
At my soul you scratch and claw
As you search me for every flaw
You desire to have my mind ensnarled
As you'd have my soul, broken and gnarled
But oh no little beast! You won't have me!
I'll find my strength, wrench myself free
Your grimy, greedy grasp I'll resist
For outside my mind you can't exist
Now feel the cold wind of reality
Feel the strength of my sanity
As love of self brings sweet sanctity
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 1
Smoke the Truth
You smoke the truth, but you don't inhale
You won't let it in, you won't let it burn
Delusions, fantasies, they your mind impale
When will you see, when will you learn?
This is not who you were meant to be
You might be flying, but you're not free
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 4
Godless I am, and will have it to be
No deity shall look after me
Lead me not from this temptation
Religion and science have no reconciliation
Give me not my daily bread
On earth and truth I have fed
As I'd have it rather be
A mind that's troubled, but free
And I will have myself to keep
My soul goes not to a keeper of sheep
On earth let it not be as in paradise
I'll share the world with rats and mice
Forgive me not if I have wronged
For absolution I have not longed
Let time and reason judge me
For as those have it, it will be
If it is found that I have no worth
Return me promptly to the earth
And leave me to be a wild thing
Leave to the others all thinking
But if you find, as I believe you will
A mind not empty, but with space to fill
It frees the soul, my heart travels light
I have no ill will, no cause to fight
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 8
My Love by SihayaAllyn My Love :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 2 0 Magestic Angel Fish by SihayaAllyn Magestic Angel Fish :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 0 ClownFish by SihayaAllyn ClownFish :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 3 tree spirit by SihayaAllyn tree spirit :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 0 0
Tide Bring Back the Sea
Tide bring back the sea
and bring life back to me
The little ones are dying fast
So many, already in the past
Each day you go as the moon demands
then return to make sea of dry lands
Drag out the old, bring in the new
For countless years it's all I knew
But now you drag and drag on more
bringing little back to my empty shore
Tide won't you bring back the sea?
Was it you who took it all from me?
The living stones and talking sands
and soft little ones with many hands
This loss is great and is felt by all
But who knows where my tears fall?
Each day you go as the moon requests
To bring it back you do your best
But soon there won't be much here
Thousands gone, or more I fear
For with you comes poison and pain
as ghosts of my finned beasts haunt in vain
My tide will you bring back the sea
once there's little left of me?
Or will you take the waters far away
As to end this miserable day
:iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 1 5
Forgiveness by SihayaAllyn Forgiveness :iconsihayaallyn:SihayaAllyn 2 5


United States


I'm really excited about all the new changes to this site since I was last here (including the new logo).  I can't wait to get my supplies back and start painting again...


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